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Prayer forms the lifeblood of the Christian way of life. Through prayer, we communicate to God and through prayer we discover God's purposes for us. Prayer takes many forms, among which are the more standard ideas that many of us have grown up to recognise. Prayer is a constant inner journey with God, and wer believe that God speaks to us constantly. Techinques in prayer are simply means through which we can 'tune in' to that conversation which is already underway.



You might find it useful, periodically, to take stock of your prayer life. Such reviews allow us to adapt that aspect of our inner life to that season of life that we find ourselves in. There are tools to aid you in your quest:


  • Daily Prayer can create a helpful framework into which dedicated space and time can be given over to our spiritual journey

  • Meditation allows us to develop an ability to create space in our lives to allow God to enter

  • Corporate worship forms part of our Rule of Life as it brings us into necessary community with other Christian


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If our lives are God-centred, every moment is prayer. Awake or asleep, at work or at leisure - each moment is prayer.


As your local church, it is an important part of our Christian duty to pray for those in need in our own community. If you have a matter, or a person that you wish to be prayed for, please use the Email Link beside this: your prayer request will be fed to those who maintain a prayer ministry in this parish, and in in confidence. Equally, if you wish someone to visit you and discuss any pressing matter with you, you call also use the same Email Link. 

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