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What is a church for?
Is a church simply a building? Is a church a community of people who gather together to worship God in the power of the Spirit? The answer to that is both. Ss Philip & James Church is a rooted, tangible and solid symbol of the love of God that we profess through our shared lives and worship. We are called, by God, to reach out to the community that we serve in Whitton and beyond.​

That is what a Mission Action Plan is all about

Every journey demands an idea of its route and its destination, and journeys of faith are no less the case. Each journey that we make requires us to have an idea of its requirements and cost which will then tell us if that   journey is possible at the present time. We are called by God to journey with Him into the unknown, in faith. As part of that calling, God has called us to determine our path in His name, to assess the cost and to  understand the requirements of that journey. This is our Journey Plan.​

So how does a Mission Action Plan aim to achieve this?
The Parochial Church Council have come together over recent months to bring together the answers to questions asked of us all. The calling that God makes is upon us as individuals as we come before Him as a community. With valuable guidance from the Diocesan Missioner, we have considered three areas:

 - Our Growth Engines [what is God already blessing in our shared life as a parish]
 - Our Open Doors [where do our early opportunities lay; where do we see  our immediate call]
 - Our Big Bold Dreams [if the sky was the limit, what would we dare to hope for]

In light of our shared Mission to be THE HEART OF CHRIST IN THE HEART OF WHITTON, the PCC have considered what God asks of us in the short, medium and long term, how we might achieve that and a sense of where this stage in our journey may be taking us in the broader sense. Discerning that sense of “where” will free us to   determine the “how” and to proceed with confidence and perhaps even trepidation.

We are the Heart of Christ


We have a vision for Ss Philip & James to be:
 - A spiritually HEALTHY community
 - An EXAMPLE of God’s love for all people
 - A community ASSURED of God’s presence among us, proud of who we are
 - A REFLECTIVE community of Christ’s disciples
 - A community that TRUSTS God

We are in the Heart of Whitton


 We have a vision for Ss Philip & James to be:
 - A community known for our HOSPITALITY to all people
 - An EFFECTIVE and vital presence in the wider community
 - A community that is ATTRACTIVE to those who draw near
 - A community that is RESPONSIVE to the needs of those we are called to serve
 - A community that is TRUSTED by those we serve

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