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Services at Ss Philip & James


  • 8am

This a weekly said Eucharist that alternates between the ancient rite taken from the Book of Common Prayer and the modern rite of Common Worship. This is a quiet and reflective service with a short homily on most weeks. 

  • 9.30am (First Sunday of every month)​

The First Sunday is Ss Philip & James' All-Age Family Service. It is a Eucharist-centred service that is more informal in style to appeal to our younger worshippers. Our youngsters are encouraged to take a lead in this service, offering prayers, providing the readings and serving at the Altar. This service is followed by refreshments in the Parish Hall to which all are invited. This service is the Church Parade for our uniformed organisations once a term.

  • 9.30am (All other weeks)​

This is the principal parish service each week, and is Eucharist-centred. The worship is modern-catholic in style which means that the priests are vested, we use a Reserved Sacrament and occasionally use incense to mark out significant moments in the Church's life. This is a service of prayer and hymn-singing, where a sermon is offered each week. Our service is taken from Common Worship, so is modern and inclusive in language. Our worship is supported by an RSCM affiliated choir, and a rotation of gifted organists who support the music of our prayer and praise. 

  • 11.30am - Said Eucharist with Healing (First Sunday of every month)​

This is a quiet, intimate said-Eucharist incorporating the Ministries of Healing and Reconciliation through anointing and the laying-on of hands. This service is open to all, whether the Ministries are sought or simply an opportunity to participate in the Sacrament of the Eucharist in its own rite. 

  • 6pm (Week 3) - Mass of the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham -moving to 4pm during the winter months

Ss Philip & James has formed a Cell of the Shrine of our Lady of Walsingham, and as part of our obligation to the Shrine, we say Mass monthly with the Shrine and its work as our focus. This service may contain aspersion with Holy Water from the Shrine, as is usually dedicated to the life and ministry of the Virgin Mary in her role as a vehicle of our prayer to God. 

Week Days

  • Thursday - 9.30am

Join us for our popular said Eucharist service. We meet in the more informal setting of the west-end open space where we break free of the pews and celebrate Holy Communion more intimately. This 30 minute service is the perfect sacramental oasis in the middle of a busy week.

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