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Children & Young People at Pip & Jim's

Pip & Jim's is a place that for lives for its youngsters. In line with Jesus' words in Mark's Gospel, we believe that children are not the church of the future, but the church of now! Our worship is open to children of all ages and we are certainly not a community that wishes children seen but not heard. Indeed, they are encouraged to relax and be themselves. There are different things tailored to meet their particular needs, however, and they include:


Junior Church - Our Junior Church caters for the needs of our children from reception age and beyond. We have three Groups that meet along age-lines:

  • Group 1 - Up to and including Yr 1

  • Group 2 - Yr 2 up to and including Yr 5

  • Group 3 - Yr 3 and above (also incorporating the PJWYG Youth Group)

Groups 1 and 2 meet on the Second, Fourth and Fifth Sundays of the month during term time, with Group 3 meeting for PJWYG on the Second Sunday and 'Chat Room' on the Fourth Sunday.

Age appropriate material and content are offered to each group.

All-Age Family Service - On the first Sunday of the month, we have our All-Age Family Service. This is designed to be family-friendly and accessible to younger worshippers (and we think that it is the service that the grown-ups like most too). Our young people are encouraged to take a lead with many aspects of the service - the prayers, the readings, serving at the altar and many other things besides. Our worship at the Family Service is supported by the woodwind band who are known to play some funny tunes from time to time!

Child Safety - The Vicar, Wardens and PCC take seriously their responsibilities for the well-being of the children in their care. All paid and volunteer helpers are CRB checked and the PCC commits to a Safeguarding Children Statement yearly. We have a Children's Champion who is a safe person if any concerns are raised. We would note, however, that groups who hire the hall and are outside of the jurisdiction of the PCC are therefore not covered by our safeguards and parents are encouraged to check their policies in advance. For comprehensive information about our Safeguarding Policies, please view this page.

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