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Ss Philip & James Parish Hall is a building owned by the church community of the same name, a charity functioning in London, England. 

 - The Parish Hall [the Service] is a hall space offered for hire on an ad hoc or regular basis 

 - The Ecclesiatical Parish of Ss Philip & James, the owner of the Parish Hall, is a Registered Charity, 1144696

 - Card transactions are processed through SagePay, in conjunction with Elavon. Your card details are entered on a secure page and transferred by SSL [Secure Sockets Layer]

 - Full Terms and Conditions are available here and no booking can be completed without the hirer confirming their acceptance of them

 - Refunds of Deposits a will be made in line with the Terms and Conditions

 - Customer Data gathered using this website will not be offered to a third party [any other party outside the Charity] unless with prior consent being sought by the Customer. 

 - All transactions are made using Pounds Sterling

 - The Charity accepts payments using the 3D Secure technology, although cardholders are encourage to confirm with their own Service Provider that such technology is enabled. 

 - We accept payment using the following Card Types: Visa Credit, Visa Debit and Mastercard


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